Monday, August 13, 2012


When I was a kid, I remember my dad picking me up in his arms, tossing me up in the air, and catching me on my way down. The second my toes would touch the ground, my arms would shoot back up as I'd look at my dad and say, "Again! Again!" And, like the good father that he was and is, he'd pick me up and toss me in the air again. After a half dozen times or so, I'd still be saying "Again!" when he'd set me down, but at that point (quite understandably) he'd be too tired to continue. I was reminded of this memory the other night during my prayer, when I confessed the same sins I had confessed a hundred times before, asking God to forgive me... again. It made me feel like the child I was, reaching up to my dad to toss me in the air again. "Again Lord, again! Forgive me again." And He did... And He does. The difference here is that no matter how many times I plead forgiveness for the same old sins I've committed a thousand times, He never declines. He's never too tired. "Yes," He says, "Yes. You're forgiven... again." An undeserved shower of grace is poured down on me again... and again. And when any of Your children admit their sinfulness and ask for your mercy, what are you doing?

You are turning our hearts back to You...


-- Jonathan