Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The Grandeur of the Gospels

Every time I crack open my Bible to one the the Gospels, I get something new out of what I read that I've never gotten before. No matter how many times I read Matthew's account of Jesus' parables, Mark's account of Jesus' miracles, Luke's Passion narrative, or John's writing of Jesus' words and deeds after the Resurrection, something new pops out at me. Digging through the many levels of the Gospels is never boring to me. How could I be bored with something so complex, something that I'll never master the understanding of? I always enjoy standing for the Gospel reading before the Sermon. So often, the Gospel reading contains words from the very lips of Jesus! I just love each and every Gospel, and one could make a case for each one as to which is the best. Matthew's writing makes so many parallels to the Old Testament, helping the Jews make the connection. It's organized and neat, making it the favorite of most Type A personalities. Mark's writing is fast-paced and exciting, giving it the nickname of "the man's Gospel." Luke's writing is certainly the most intellectual, making it the Gospel of choice for most academics. And who could forget John? The disciple whom Jesus loved... His Gospel contains deep emotion that Christian women often find moving and relatable. But no matter which Gospel happens to be your favorite, it is a Gift from the Lord, every word of which was inspired by the Holy Spirit, some of which were spoken by the Father and the Son Himself. Give thanks for the Gospels! Their majesty is unmatched.


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