Saturday, July 28, 2012

Go Tell It on Mount Olympus

I'll be honest--- I'm an Olympics junkie. A Summer Olympics junkie that is. These are my 6th Summer Olympics. Of course, my first Olympics (Barcelona '92) occurred when I was still unborn and I can't exactly remember the next two either. But these past three Games, I've been inspired as well as glued to my television. I used to question the reason for my fascination with the Olympic Games. I like sports, but certainly not all the sports that somehow seem to make the Games. And I also like the historical significance of them. But my favorite part of the Olympics, and the real reason I am so inspired by them, is the unity it seems to bring to the world. There is no unity quite like the Olympics... Well, except that unity with our fellow Christians of the past and present when we partake of Christ's Body and Blood during Communion... And our unity with Christians of the past 2000 years when we read and hear the Word... Not to mention our unity with our LORD when we receive these things.... Come to think of it, the Olympics don't hold a candle (or should I say 'torch') to any given Sunday. After all, which is more astounding: An athlete breaking an Olympic record? Or Jesus Christ breaking apart our record of detestable sins, wiping our slate clean with His sacrifice? I'll go with the latter. So a happy Olympics to all! And to all, a life rich with Christ's blessings and gifts.

P.S. Go Team USA!

-- Jonathan

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